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Ellis Battery is a team of over 45 exceptional battery professionals with decades of experience. Ellis Battery is always ready to give you the answer that you are looking for...We got that!!!

Ellis Battery can supply batteries that fit in the smallest electronics to large industrial equipment. We also carry a full line of Chargers, Testers, Jump packs and Inverters.


Ellis Battery was founded in 1998 by Dwayne and Darren Ellis. After many years of experience in the battery business The Ellis brothers sought out to establish a family business… Ellis Battery.

We have grown in abundance with a 26,500 sq. ft. distribution center, six retail/wholesale locations, and an e-commerce website. Ellis Battery has taken command of the Missouri battery market with wholesale deliveries in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and parts of Mississippi.

From the beginning the Ellis brothers have one mission in mind and that is SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

They work close with their staff and clients to ensure that Ellis Battery is top of the line and their customers are treated with dignity, the best service and competitive prices. In 2005 Ellis Battery purchased our first electrode welder which enables us to build custom battery assemblies for most power tools, other custom batteries, and obsolete (but valued) items.  

What Can Ellis Battery offer?

Since our first retail store opened its doors in 2005, the demand for Alkaline, Ni-Cad, Li-ion, Li-Polymer continues to expand.  As clients demand more power for their portable electronics, such as cell phone and digital cameras, we continue to strive to widen our inventory never wanting to say ‘no’ to any battery demand. We now carry a vast inventory of consumer electronics, specialty, and alternative energy products.